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This is a homepage of CPUHeat and CPUMSR projects. Those programs are for power users only, especially CPUMSR can cause your system harm if you don't know what it does.

We do not take any responsibility for any damage those programs can cause you. You do everything on your own risk!

Note: Both projects are still in beta. They can show strange behavior in some situations.

Help needed !

We need datasheets that are not available for download (eg. non-public datasheets) and also bug reporting.


9. April 2004
New version of CPUMSR with some fixes and additions. And a guide to setting values for K7 and NetBurst CPUs. The PowerNow! utility is still not available because we are working on a new low level driver that will work faster and will have more abilities than currently used one.

1. January 2004
New version of CPUMSR with the ability to change settings according to configuration file has been added.

29. December 2003
Many new chipsets were tested for multiplier on-the-fly change on desktop CPUs. Also some new facts and FAQ was added. I will update Tweak section frequently.

16. December 2003
Article explaining how to change multiplier on-the-fly from Windows OS was added in Tweaks section.

30. November 2003
New version of CPUMSR is in download area. This version should support on-the-fly multiplier and voltage adjustments on Pentium M processor. Need report if it works or not.

28. November 2003
I added Intel Processor Maximum Power Consumption data. There are currently 5 CPUs with more than 100W and 9 CPUs with more than 90W of power consumption. In this case, power consumption is the same as thermal power. If you want silent PC or conserve on energy, check this out!

22. November 2003
New version of CPUMSR added. See Project status for changes.

15. November 2003
CPUMSR passed multiplier and voltage change on-the-fly in Windows for Mobile Athlon XP processors. New version is available for download, you can test it yourself.

19. October 2003
I put a new version of CPUMSR in download area. Still not finished but not much work to do.

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19th October 2003