Photos of modified desktop Athlon XP to mobile

Closed L5 "mobile" bridge with pencil. On this photo you can also see packaging is not flat so that it is not possible to connect bridges without making packaging flat with a knife (see darker area around three of L5 bridges).

The same thing done with conductive ink (photo by pienari).

All L6 bridges cut (multiplier 24x). I used blade to do this. Put edge of a blade directly between bridge then easily apply force down. Do not use severe electricity current, that way we killed the bridge and it remained closed. Closed bridge has resistance of less than 5 Ohm, open bridge has resistance of around 180 Ohm (on my CPU). Our attempt to open bridge with electricity current ended with bridges being disconnected (infinite resistance), but it remained closed for CPU internal logic.

Also, it is not good idea to open all L6 bridges at once because some motherboards have BIOSes that will change multiplier to L6 settings before POST.