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Latest Releases:

CPUMSR v0.90 (February 2005)

UPDATE: LLA Driver is now included - original link now doesn't work and Mr. Valisky is on unknown place. Please install the driver before  running CPUMSR.

-fixed: Athlon 64 frequency / voltage control now fully according to specification (VCO style switching). This was heavily tested on many CPUs of this generation, no problems were found. It should now not freeze under any condition.
-fixed: Pentium M switching reworked according to available information. This new version should increase stability for people who had problems. Tested on few desktop and mobile systems, seems to be stable now.
-also reworked Pentium 4 Enhanced SpeedStep swithing to accomodate new information available. For this to work you need an LGA775 CPU supporting Enhanced Speedstep and with it enabled.
-added support for .5x multipliers for Athlon 64. Please understand that using such multipliers reduces memory frequency under expected value hence decreasing memory performance. You can enable .5x multipliers in Configuration.
-fixed: both Pentium M on Banias (CPUID 695h) and on Dothan (CPUID 6D6h and CPUID 6D8h) cores should now be detected properly.
-added ability to enable Enhanced SpeedStep on Pentium 4 processors that support this.
-added some more information obtained from the CPU and fixed some other minor issues.

CPUHeat beta 81


Older Releases:

CPUMSR beta 0.85b (compile date 30th November 2003)

CPUMSR beta 0.86 (compile date 1st January 2004) - this new version has some bug fixes and new feature - configuration files - that allow setting MSR through command-line parameters
guide how to create configuration file

CPUMSR beta 0.88 (April 2004)


19th October 2003