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CPUMSR is a program that allows users to change selected values in processor Model Specific Registers (MSR). Model Specific Registers are processor Family / Type (see. Processor CPUID) specific registers (or micro-memory) that specifies processor behavior in certain situations. It allows to enable, disable or modify certain features that processors incorporate and that are, under normal circumstances, hidden from users.

Special thanks to Clive Turvey for writing a Windows driver. Without his work this program would not be possible. I would also like to thank my friend Miroslav Tvrz who helped me with programming.

Program history

22th November 2003:

Fixed bug with AMD processor's NameString change.

Adjusted frequency and voltage control for Athlon XP processors - now under user protection program will not allow setting multiplier and voltage higher than maximum.

Added FID and VID stabilization time control for Athlon 64 Frequency & Voltage Control page. Please report on Athlon 64 Frequency & Voltage Control - if it works or not.

15th November 2003:

We passed multiplier and voltage adjustments test on Mobile Athlon XP processor 2000+ (12.5x 133). The new version available for download:

- can change multiplier and voltage of Mobile Athlon and Mobile Duron processors (Mobile Athlon 4, Mobile Athlon XP, Mobile Athlon XP-M, Mobile Duron).
- test passed following scenarios:

  • Voltage adjustments by one step
  • Voltage adjustments by jumps
  • Multiplier adjustments by one step
  • Multiplier adjustments by jumps
  • Simultaneous adjustments of voltage and multiplier in both directions (upward and downwards)

Changing multiplier and voltage for Mobile Athlon seems to work perfectly, there are only few limitations you should take in mind:
- Voltage and multiplier can not be set to higher values than maximums for processors. This is a limitation in hardware.
- During the test, setting multiplier to 3x resulted in crash. This may be limitation of hardware implementation. Please be careful and first test what multipliers and voltages your system supports.

Report any troubles with this feature to Thank you.




19th October 2003